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Does anyone where I could find the line commands for the pre-formatted candlesticks on stockcharts?

For instance, on scan I can select "hammer", but what I'd like to know is how stockcharts has programmed the hammer candle, ie

close > high * .70

or whatever it might be. I'd like to get the actual script for all of their pre-formatted candlesticks. Does anyone know where I'd find this?




  • As far as I know, the code for the candle definitions is not documented. Also, as far as I know, there is no precise "industry standard" definition for any of them.

    In theory, you could reverse engineer what SC is doing just by running them and inspecting the results, maybe over several days. Even if you couldn't code them from that, you would get an idea of the boundaries that (dis)qualify as a candle formation and whether that's acceptable for you.
  • The link below may be of some assistance in what they look for on patterns.
  • revblcrevblc
    edited November 2019

    Thank you yes, I'm trying to reverse engineer right now but struggling a bit. Here is my code for Dark Cloud Cover (NYSE). I run it and compare to stockcharts predefined scans but something is still off, I'm getting too many candidates returned, so I'm missing a rule or two. Do you guys anything obvious I'm missing?

    [exchange is NYSE]
    and [today's open > today's EMA(10, close)]
    and [yesterday's close > yesterday's open]

    #long body for yesterday
    and [[yesterday's close - yesterday's open] > [[yesterday's high - yesterday's low]*.5]]

    and [today's close < today's open]
    and [today's open > yesterday's high]

    #closing lower than 50% of yesterday's body
    and [today's close < [yesterday's close -[[yesterday's close - yesterday's open]/2]]]

    and [today's close > yesterday's open]
    and [2 day's ago open >= 3 days ago low]
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