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Individual Stock Down More than X Days


Whats the easiest way to create an alert when an individual equity is down more than 2 days in a row - for example AMZN?




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    You could try Streak Down(?, close)

    Here's the documentation:

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
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    If you are going to be looking for this particular setup on several stocks, I'd recommend you create a list of stocks and use that list in your alert.

    This will give you greater flexibility as to adding or removing symbols you want to be alerted to.

    [favorites list is 1] // *list of stocks to be alerted down 2 days in a row
    and [Streak Down(close) >= 2]

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    Thanks all! I have one set up for a watch list and was just looking to add one for a particular equity at this point. Would I just take [favorites list is 1] and put the ticker in the brackets like this [AMZN] ?
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    [symbol starts with 'AMZN']

    [symbol equals 'AMZN']

    also appears to work.

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