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Volume by Price

I would like to scan using volume by price but having a mental block on how to set up the scan. I would like to scan to identify voids in support and or resistance areas. Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • This is from ChartSchool:

    There are four steps involved in the calculation.
    This example is based on closing prices and the default parameter setting (12).

    1. Find the high-low range for closing prices for the entire period.
    2. Divide this range by 12 to create 12 equal price zones.
    3. Total the amount of volume traded within each price zone.
    4. Divide the volume into positive volume and negative volume (optional).

    I don't see the option inside the Workbench Filters, so I'm guessing it's not doable inside the data engine.

  • Hmmmmm - Thank you.

    What I have in mind just might work. I appreciate your response!
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