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Hull Moving Average

I've recently found some reference info on the Hull Moving Average. I'm not finding it as an available choice in StockCharts. Does anyone have any experience with this or any idea of how to implement it?



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    markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2019
    If you have another source (e.g. a broker, like Fidelity) for plotting the HMA, you could see whether the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average (KAMA) can be configured to imitate it on Stockcharts.

    If the advantage of HMA is crossover entries and exits with fewer whipsaws, you might also consider Keltner channels (bands that follow the ema but 2 (or more or less) ATRs above and below it. For a long trade, you would enter after a decline in an up trend on a close above the upper channel, and exit on a close below it. Alternatively, consider emas or smas of highs and lows instead of closes with a similar method.
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    GREAT NEWS!!!!

    The Hull Moving Average is now available!!!!
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    Sorry folks ... this is only in ACP ...

    Will someone please explain to me why ALL these upgrades are ONLY in the ACP program, and NONE of them are in the regular Stockcharts program.
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    OH, it's only available on ACP. Nice of them to add this so you can't use it in a scan. I wonder what the benefit to that is?
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    They are pushing ACP to SELL plugins, and to SELL brokerage commissions.

    Same as the grocery store, when you go to check out, they put the expensive candy bars right there so you add them to your cart. Anything functional, like coffee filters, just sit on the main shelves. and you have to hike thru the entire store to get the necessities like milk.
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    It appears that the team is pretty much new to StockCharts. Only a few with over 3 years on staff.

    Let's see if the Symbol Summary gets completed before the next "exciting new ACP feature". Or maybe the next exciting new ACP feature will be the completed Symbol Summary, but it's only completed on ACP. Nah, too cynical.
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    From Grayson's weekly message this week:

    "We have big, big plans for ACP in 2021 (and far beyond!), but we're also hard at work on some major enhancements and updates around the rest of the site. That includes SharpCharts, our scanning and alerts features, our data offerings and much more.

    So, even though direct responses to suggestions don't seem to happen very often, it looks like the message (don't ignore the legacy site) may be getting through. Let's hope!
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    Still waiting for HMA scans as HA candela too!
    Is there any alternative to scan HMA?
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    What did Support say about it? They added HMA to ACP. Is there a plan for them to add the HMA to the scan workbench?

    Otherwise you'd have to replicate the formula inside the workbench and I don't see that as feasible. Square roots and all that.
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    edited August 2021
    I guess I don't need to check to see if ACP is functional yet or not. It isn't.
    Incidentally, I pretty much only shop the periphery of grocery stores: produce, meat, dairy. I used buy coffee filters 2 year supply at a time, but now the bronze/brass? strainer is fine
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    Pour quand les balayages HMA?
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2021
    @4Quatres ,

    According to Google translate, your question is, when will HMA scans be used (meaning available, I think).

    It's still not listed in the scan page drop down for technical indicators (as you probably know), so there is no scan for it yet.

    I suggest you put the question to Support:

    When will Stockcharts subscribers be able to build scans that include the Hull Moving Average?

    If you know of other internet sites (or brokers, like TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim) where the HMA scan is available, include them in your question to Support.
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