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Is this the only way to further filter a chartlist?

I create a scan and save it to a chartlist. This gives me a large list.
Then I scroll through the 10 per page chart view to pick the ones I want to further focus on.
I am opening each chart in detail and then saving it to a new chartlist.

Is there a faster way to do this? Any option to flag charts as I am scrolling and then saving all the flagged charts at one go to a new chart list?


  • I think the lists are designed to do it the other way - do nothing to the charts you want to keep and delete the ones you don't. If you mouse over the upper right corner of the chart there is a trash can icon - click it to delete the chart. Then at the end, if you want to move the keepers to another list, select edit view, select all the charts at once (there is a button at the top and bottom to select all charts) and copy or move or merge to another list in one step.
  • A quick way for me to cull a list is to use the CandleGlance option. It shows 30 charts per page. You can even sort your CandleGlance by a number of technical indicators including PctRelative. This may further assist in your review.

    When in CandleGlance you can delete the charts you don't like by clicking on the garbage can in the upper right corner of the CandleGlance chart.

    You can even create your own CandleGlance chartstyle. My "default" chart style is pretty basic. Only 3 panels. I shrink that to CandleGlance size (360) and save that style as CandleGlance and the CandleGlance opens in my custom CandleGlance style charts.

    I also change the size to 460 and save the style as Industry Summary and Market Summary and then the Industry Summary and Market Summary pages open with my custom Chart showing.

    As far as marking your keepers, no easy way currently. You have to edit the chart and then save as.......
  • Thanks to both of you
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