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Changin Y Axis (Price) to percentage scale

How would I go about doing this?


  • I don't think you can change the price scale directly. Getting a per cent scale requires comparing price to something. Two indicators I can think of that have open-ended per cent scales are ROC( ) and Price-Performance. The per cent scale will show up on the left hand side of the chart if you place them behind price. l think you want an open-ended scale like these indicators have because oscillator type indicators (like Stochastics, for instance) go flat when readings reach 100 or 0, so you can't really tell what's happening with price. For ROC( ), you need to choose a parameter - probably the same length as the number of bars in your chart if you want it to mimic price as much as possible (but you can play around with it and see). For Price-Performance, you need another symbol to compare it to, like an index. It may not mimic price as closely as ROC( ) of the right length. If you want prices to disappear, set "opacity" to 0 in the Chart Attributes box.

    Maybe other people have other ideas.
  • Change your "Chart Type" to a Performance chart.
  • On Price-Performance you don't need a comparative symbol. You can do the $Symbol and put it behind the price and then both the Price and the % will show on the same chart. % on the left scale and the Price on the right scale. It will also so in current values in the Legends, if you have the Legends on.

    I like that the site programmers changed the posts to eliminate the blank lines that were showing after last "update".
  • Thanks, @lmkwin . Always something new to learn.
  • Here's one I learned recently. If you select the "Range" of Select Start/End Date. You can "scroll" the chart by using the Arrows at the ends of the Range
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