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RRG scan

Can I scan for a changing RRG indicator line? I'd like to know when it goes from downward to upward--either the Red or Green line. Thank you.


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    It appears RRG has not been programmed into the scan engine. It's not available as an option in the Technical Indicator drop down on the scan workbench, and neither Chart School article mentions scanning.
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    Thanks markd. Sadly, I agree.
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    The RRG isn't included as yet. I've made the suggestion to Support, using the Help and Contact our Support Team link, to see if they can add it. I know that would be interesting and possibly useful in scans.

    In the mean time, you may be able to replicate the info, to a certain extent, using the PctRelative function. The RRG lines are relational trendlines. So if the PctRelative trend is rising, the RS-Ratio line should be rising as well. The RS-Momentum line could be the Stochastic of the PctRelative trend.

    To "test it out" you can plot the Price indicator $Symbol:your comparison symbol. Put a 10 period moving average overlay on it.

    Do the same thing again but put a Full Stochastic overlay on it and place this one Behind the 1st one.

    Then put the RRG indicator in. Make sure to use the same comparison symbol you used in the Price indicator. The MA line "should" be approximate to the Green RRG and the Stochastic curves "should" be approimate to the Red RRG line.

    Not perfect, but perhaps it doesn't need to be?
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    I am having trouble creating the use of the PctRelative function, in the manner Imkwin suggests, could you give an example of how it would look in a scan applicable to this question?
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    What does your scan code look like. Copy and paste it to the forum.

    The PctRelative is listed under the Technical Attributes dropdown

    The RRG has two lines that trace the relationship of the price of the security of the chart to the price of another security. The default for the RRG is the $SPX but it can be any symbol.

    1 line of the RRG is the Ratio. The other line is the momentum. The PctRelative should simulate the ratio portion of the RRG to a certain extent.

    The chart in this ChartSchool article should help a little in explanation.
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