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Price Performance

I have been looking at daily comparative price performance charts by comparing 3-4 different stocks. I have read the chart school article, but still am not clear on the chart results. I start out with a chart type of PERFORMANCE, then add the other stocks in the indicator area with a label of price-performance. My finished chart shows line graphs of the different stocks. The y axis has a label of %. What exactly does the % value mean ? Also, is the higest line mean that stock outperforms the others Thanks


  • A Performance chart is going to show the % change on the Y axis, instead of the price. The performance is for the date range of the chart.

    When comparing other symbols you can also use the Overlay section and select the Price (same scale) option and put your symbols in there.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2019
    You will notice on a Performance chart that all symbol plots begin at the 0% line, so the base value for each symbol is its close on the first date plotted on the chart. Each subsequent data point is the difference between that close and the first close, expressed as a per cent of the first close.

    So, if the first close is 10 and a subsequent close is 12, then 12-10 is 2 and 2/10 is .2 or 20 per cent.
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