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Two symbols on one chart

how can you put two symbols on one chart?


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    Create a chart for one of the two symbols - e.g. IBM.

    Then, below the chart, in the Indicator column, select "Price" from the drop down. In the Parameter column, enter the second symbol. Then, in the Position column, select "Behind Price".

    The price scale for IBM will appear on the right as before. The price scale for the second symbol will appear to the left.
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    If you want to see some "premade" multi symbol methods, you can go into your ChartStyles dropdown option. It's the box directly below the Annotate link.

    Scroll down to the Tom Bowley style. Or the Greg Schnell, or the Gatis Roze.

    You can adjust the settings and styles and look on those to match your preferences. When you are happy with a style, you can click on the Add New link in that ChartStyles row. Then Name it how you would like. Give it a number if you'd like. and save it. You can "rename" the chart style or change the number by clicking the Edit Properties link, make your changes and then Save.

    The number is how you can get quick links to appear on the left side of the chart page. A box will appear for each number style you have. If you hover your mouse over the box it will tell you what that box chartstyle is. For instance, I have my "daily chart as 1, my weekly chart as 2, monthly chart as 3. Daily Renko as 4 Weekly Renko as 5......

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    I was trying to compare the price of JNUG to $GOLD. I could see that at times JNUG doesn't follow the $gold and see difference in the percentage increase and decreases. Looking for causes. Thank you
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2019
    Apparently, JNUG tracks an index GDXJ, the MVIS Junior Gold Miners Index, not $GOLD

    If you overlay JNUG on GDXJ, they track pretty closely. JNUG is a 3x leveraged fund, so that may account for some differences (meant for day trading, not a buy and hold). See this link for how its supposed to work:

    Also, the issues in the index itself may move differently from gold, depending on currency translation (if mines are overseas), expenses in mining/smelting (like yield per ton), debt on the balance sheet, etc.
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