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How would I write a scan to find stocks that move up and down 5%-20% every month or two???


  • simple building blocks of monthly increases. This would exclude ones that went up less than 5% in a given month.

    and [monthly PctChange(1,close) > 5]
    and [1 month ago monthly PctChange(1,close) > 5]
    and [2 months ago monthly PctChange(1,close) > 5]

    Or you could look at multi-month by changing the period to multi-month, like 2 or more. This would allow for a "down" month in the period, as long as the 2 month period rose more than 5%, it's included in the results.

    and [monthly PctChange(2,close) > 5]
    and [1 month ago monthly PctChange(2,close) > 5]
    and [2 months ago monthly PctChange(2,close) > 5]
  • thank you ,
  • @gerry64

    You can also play around with Streak Up to get consecutive runs. I modified it to show "monthly" close up for 3 months in a row.

    and [monthly Streak Up(close) > 3]

    The prior code with the multi month puts you on a logical course for setting up a "seasonality" scan.

    You can also Rank by Seasonality, once you get the logic down.
  • You could also test for the width of a longer price channel over some period of time:

    and [ Upper Price Chan(251) < Lower Price Chan(251) * 1.2 ]
    and [ 63 days ago Upper Price Chan(251) < 63 days ago Lower Price Chan(251) * 1.2]

    So that says the 1 year upper price channel is less than 20 % higher than its lower price channel, today and 3 months ago.

    You could vary the width of the channel and the distance and number of comparison points.
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