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Daily closing range and % chnage

New to Stockcharts and need some help with scanning on the following parameters.

Need to scan stocks that are:

Daily Closing Range (%) >=75%
and Price % change "-2%" (Minus 2%)
and "% off High" >= -15% (Minus 15)

Any guidance or steps will be of great help.
Thanks in Advance.


  • Not sure what you are getting at with

    Daily Closing Range (%) >=75%

    75% of what?

    For Price % change, you could try the PctChange( ) function:

    For % off high, check out this link for near crosses:

    Note you may want to test for ranges, not specific per cent changes. The probability of an exact per cent change is small. So you would want to test for, for instance, Price % change "between -1.8% and -2.2%", or "between -1% and -3%" (so less than one, greater than the other).
  • Thanks.

    75% of the price range of the symbol.

    I will review the link. Thanks for commenting.

  • I think you need to specify what you mean by price range - close versus today's range, or versus the 1 month range, the 1 year range, or ... ?
  • Sorry for delay, I was looking for a daily/today range.
  • So if you close in the top 25% of the bar's range:

    and [ close > [low + [range * .75] ]
  • Thanks again!!!!. I'm trying to replicate something that like ( this which is possible in MarketSmith and want to see the results in Stockcharts.

    I was not sure if we can post competitor links here... If you can help how to get it in SC, it will be great.

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 3
    The only difference should be what is in the MarketSmith data base. All the other stuff is available in the dropdowns, with modifications to match your requirements.

    BTW, this isn't really a "competitor" website. This is a user forum created for discussion on various topics.
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