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Any way to code the following criteria:

1) A positive slope of the 200 day sma over the last 90 trading days?
2) A rising 14-Day ATR in the last 5 trading days
3) 10 day sma > 50 day sma > 200 day sma
4) Stocks (14-day ATR / Closing price) > 5%
5) The stocks Impulse System (Elder) is not red (Blue or Green)
6) The stocks 14-day RSI < 25


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    Most of these conditions are straightforward - you can just add the indicator from the Technical Indicators drop-down and edit the default version to your requirements.

    1 and 2 : To get a positive slope, you would compare today's indicator/overlay value to its value x periods ago, so that today's value is greater:

    and [sma(200,close) > 90 days ago sma(200,close)]

    Note it's possible the sma could be turning down and still be greater than 90 days ago, so you could test for shorter intervals also - maybe 30 days and 60 days.

    3 requires two statements, one for sma(10, close) > sma(50, close, and one for sma(50, close) > sma(200,close)

    4 - not sure what you mean by this - the ATR is at least five per cent of the closing price? If so,

    and [ [ATR(14)/close] > .05]

    5 - with advanced editor on, type "elder" and select "Red" and edit TRUE to FALSE

    6 - Select RSI from the drop down and edit.
  • thanks very much
  • I don't see how to do the elder step in #5. can you offer more details of the steps there?
  • The advanced scan editor makes suggestions as you type. When you see what you want, you can click on it, or use the arrow keys to move down to what you want, then press the tab key.

    When you are writing your scan, when you get to the place you want to put in the Elder condition, as you start to type "E", "l", etc. one of the suggestions will be "Elder Bar Red is TRUE". Click on that to select it, then edit TRUE to FALSE.
  • The Elder Bar criteria is in the Candlesticks dropdown
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