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New at StockCharts

I'm liking the addition of the Symbol Summary and what the future holds for it. The addition of fundamental screening possibilities is something that many use sites like FinViz for. It will be nice to get it all in one spot.

That is in the future hopefully. For now, the Symbol Summary is still a really good thing to bring forward. This information, as currently presented, was available prior but you had to dig for it in something called "mentions".

I'm still up in the air on the ACP though. It's a slick way to show multiple time frames on one page.

I'd like for them to update the PnF charts. They have plenty of "simple" suggestions in house from me. Simple like adding the similar capabilities to the indicators like they have on the line charts. Simple like allowing for the coloring of the Overlays by the user. Simple like adding the Horizontal line option in the Overlays. Stuff like that.....

Still, love to see them continually improving the offering in general. Just would be nice to have a little effort devoted on the PnF side.
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