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Golden Cross HELP. Thank you!!

Hello Community,

I am having the hardest time trying to setup a scan to filter / scan for stocks that are on the verge of crossing up, a slow move upwards..

I am looking for the following scan...

PMO, MACD, RSI and Stochastic all moving up together...Is there such a scan..?

Thank you for your help...



  • In the upper right of this forum there is a box with a magnifying glass in it. If you put Golden Cross in it, a bunch of prior posts on the topic should come up. Many with scan code in them. I think that most of what you are looking for has been created and posted.

    Hope this helps. The search function on this site is pretty good.

  • Thank you so much! Best of luck with all your trades!!
  • If you are a StockCharts member and you go to the Pre-Defined Scans page. One of the Pre-defined Scans is the 50 Day cross the 200 Day. If you click on that scan you will see the daily results of that scan. In the upper right corner of the results page is a link to "Edit this scan"

    The Advanced filter workbench opens with the scan code for that results page. If you clicked on the NYSE results, the scan code looks like this:

    [type = stock] AND [exchange = NYSE] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] AND [Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) > Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)] AND [Yesterday's Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) <= Yesterday's Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]

    You can save it or edit and save the changes into your account to run at your pleasure. Or, you can just use the Pre-Defined Scans page. It's got pretty much ALL of the most popular requested scans for many different types of charts, patterns, etc.

  • bogobogo
    edited February 2020
    So thank you for the code..

    I ran your snip of code, it came back with 6 matches. I didn't see anything that looked even remotely bullish.

    It's amazing how many investors think just because the Golden Cross happens, the other indicators are Bullish.

    Judging from what I just saw, you need to combine the Golden Cross with a few other indicators to really find solid Bullish technicals.

    So do you know of any scan that will filter out just a Golden Cross along with Bullish MACD, RSI etc..?

    Thank you for your help and time!


  • bogobogo
    edited February 2020
    Here is another type of scan I cannot find anywhere...

    I don't think people want to share their secret scans with anyone...

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    "So do you know of any scan that will filter out just a Golden Cross along with Bullish MACD, RSI etc..?"

    I don't use Golden Cross (or MACD, or RSI, etc.) so I don't know.

    But if you believe there is a useful combination, the way to test that idea is to create a chart style including those indicators, then run a Golden Cross scan for some past dates - maybe six months ago, and nine months ago (two different time periods so you know any common patterns are just because of the current market); save the results to a list and apply your chart style to the list. Then find the most profitable charts and find what they most often have in common on your chosen indicators - maybe MACD is always above zero, or RSI is always above 65 - or maybe something else. Also think about the parameters you use on the indicators - short time frame parameters (like the defaults on daily charts) probably aren't going to predict prices very far into the future.

    You might also want to look at the same charts in other time frames - if you get a golden cross in the daily time frame, look at the weekly - even monthly charts, and see if the winners have something in common on those levels.

    P.S. if you are going to think for yourself (which is a very good idea), you are going to have to do some work. If you don't have the time or patience, find a simple system that fits the way want to trade and trade that.

    Here are some ideas:
  • Thank you for your time and help.

    I have been playing around with different indicators but I cannot find anything that will give me the exact Golden Cross spot.

    I will continue to research trying to find the ultimate scan.

    Have a wonderful week and best of luck with your trades!

  • The exact Golden Cross spot is the 50 crossing above the 200 day moving average.

    [Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) > Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)] AND [Yesterday's Daily SMA(50,Daily Close) <= Yesterday's Daily SMA(200,Daily Close)]
  • Thank you so much for your response!

    I will work on your scan and try adding other indicators to it to see if I can get some almost perfect charts.

    Again, I truly appreciate your time and help!!!

    Best of luck with all your trades!

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