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Symbol Summary

Hello, just saw the new symbol summary features. Is it possible to scan for "next earning date" for stock in a charlist? Thank you


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    So far, no. But the next earnings date is included in the symbol summary (once the company announces it).

    If it does happen, you would scan for a date and it would return a list of symbols reporting on that date.

    If you are interested, you could make the suggestion to Support. Another possibility to suggest is rank by next earnings date.
  • It would be really helpful if one can scan for earnings dates and let’s say-1 so just in case we missed a stock in our portfolio since I often find that it’s risky to hold through earnings

    equally I find that stocks tend to rally into earnings so would be useful to scan for earnings date -30 or however many days before

  • I'm not sure what the data source for earnings will be for Stockcharts - I think I saw on Zack's that they ESTIMATE the date based on past announcements, then update it once the company actually announces the date they will announce earnings.
  • I'm finding the Symbol Summary a LOT more useful, to me, than the ACP. I think that the only thing ACP will be of use, for me, is to put multi-periods charts on the same page. Sort of like Gallery View, but more flexible than Gallery View.
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