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Early Golden Cross Scan - Any Luck?


I cannot find on this forum or anywhere else, a scan the finds stocks that are just about to cross up and over the 100 Day MA

Attached is a pic that shows what I am looking for.

Has anyone had any luck in finding this scan?

I am shocked the scan is no where to be found especially given the importance of this upward move.

Thank you for your help.



  • Here is another example...

    I cannot find a scan to work.

    Thanks again for all your help!


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2020
    If you want to run a scan to anticipate a crossover, you need to set up several conditions:

    1 the longer sma is falling (today's sma less than x days ago sma)

    2 the shorter sma is rising (today's sma greater than y days ago sma)

    3 the shorter sma is some per cent less than the longer sma.

    For the last condition, you actually need a range, like

    shorter sma is less than longer sma times .99
    and shorter sma is greater than longer sma time .90

    - in other words, the shorter sma is within 1 per cent (.99) to 10 (.90) percent below the longer sma. If you specify an exact per cent less, like equals .95, or 5 per cent less, you won't get many, or any, hits because the condition is too precise. For instance, 94.99 would be a miss, and 95.01 would also be a miss. Only 95.00 on the button would be a hit.

    Or, if you don't care how close it is, just test for shorter sma less than (below) the longer sma.

    Keep in mind you are looking for a pattern (the near crossover) but not every instance of the pattern will look like, or work out like your examples. It depends on the market at the time. For instance, stocks can get into a range - when they do, the smas get closer and might cross over (in both directions) several times before the stock chooses one direction (or the other).

    You should be able to construct the conditions above from the drop downs, with edits, or find examples to copy/edit. If you get stuck, post what you have.

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    found this using the search function on this forum
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