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MACD Histogram question

Does anyone have ideas how to do the following:
1) On a weekly chart (sharpchart) having the standard settings Macd Histogram. separately adding an aproximation to show the Monthly Macd histogram(xx,xx,xx) dont know what that setting would be to aproximate.
2) Also add the daily aproximation macds histogram settings(XX,XX,XX) .The end result the weekly chart show the weekly standard Macd histogram as well as monthly and daily macd histogram aproximation on Same weekly chart
Thank you


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    On a side Note. I saw another
    stockcharts member post that on a Daily chart , the macd histogram setting (48,104,36) does an aproximation of the weekly chart's macd histogram on that Daily chart.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    just a guess...

    the monthly macd 12,26,9

    12 = 12 months or 52 weeks. 26 = 26 months or approx 112 weeks (104+8). The 9 would represent 9 months or approx 36 weeks (9x4).

    You can "convert" approximately to days by multiplying the weekly number by 5. So 12 months = 52 weeks = 260 days
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    Nothing wrong with approximating different time frames on one chart - but keep in mind the numbers used in the 'converted' calculations are different, so the results will be different from the 'original'. In other words, crossover signals (Line over Signal, or Line over zero) may not occur at the same time. As long as you realize it, you can figure out how to adjust for it, I suppose.

    An alternative might be to construct chart styles for each time frame and assign each chart style to a button. The buttons make it very easy to switch between styles quickly. Or, if you have mastered splitting the screen (tiling) with Windows you can display all three at once. Or, instead of (or together with) assigning styles to buttons, customize the Gallery view styles and view your lists that way.
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    Thank You Both
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    And the way you assign your chart styles to buttons is to assign a number to the chart style.

    When you do, your buttons will appear as rectangle blocks on the far left side of the chart. #1 at the top #2 below, etc. You can then click on the block and the chart style assigned to that button will generate.

    For example my daily chart style is assigned to #1, weekly to #2, monthly #3, Daily Renko #4, etc.

    Unfortunately, StockCharts hasn't improved their Point and Figure offering to allow using Point and Figure charts in any of this. You can't save the style to the buttons, nor make it a default style chart for your profile.

    They've had plenty of suggestions to do so, but for some reason, haven't done any of the "improvements" that I've suggested over the years. Once you learn to use PnF charts, it's a great primary go-to arrow to have in your quiver.
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