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Colour an indicator


I’d like to make a Keltner Chan in the indicator section ( not an Overlay ) cyan in colour. How is this done?
It’s easy to make a moving average a specific colour ie. 50:red, however this does not work for Keltner channels or bollinger bands.
Thank you !


  • Keltner Chan and BB are only available on the Price Chart Overlays, not as stand alone Indicators below, above, or behind the price.

    You can color them as lines or change them to Area or Histogram for a different look but they stay as overlays of the price chart.
  • Sorry, let me clarify.
    If you choose “price” in the indicator section and then choose the Keltner channel overlay to “price “ , that is the overlay I would like to colour cyan.
  • Apparently the color modifier, e.g ":red", only works with some indicators in the Advanced Options overlay drop down, like sma, but not others, like Keltner Channels. So, you are stuck with the default. :(
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