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number of positive closes in last 5 days

How would I scan for the number of positive days occurring with latest 5 days


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2020
    The scan engine only returns symbols (with associated data, like sector, industry, SCTR, etc.), not numbers, so you can't ask for a numeric result directly.

    But, if you choose a count, you can scan for symbols that meet that condition. So, for instance, if you wanted at least 3 up closes in the last five days, you could write:

    and [Count Up(5, close) > 3]

    The Count Up function (and several other very useful functions) are documented here:
  • The count up and count down function is the only way to scan for it.

    You can also "see" this using the MarketCarpet view. There is a drop down in the upper left of the MarketCarpet and you can select Up Days-Down Days. This will then display the Carpet with the Up/Down information on it.
  • Thank you. Great answers.
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