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Scan crosses above ma of indicators

Hi everyone I try to set up a scan for an ma/indicator cross but I dont mange to get the scan correctly. I want to scan for stocks where the indicators just closed/crossed above (long) or below the ma20 (of the indicator). Both at the same time.
the indicators I want to use are $SYMBOL:$SPX with an ema20 overlay and OBV(on balance volume) with an ema20 overlay. so both conditions have to be met at the same time. the picture attached shows a short scan. this stock should show up on the 19th of march as the both requierements are met.

this is what I came up with (worng syntax)
[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 100000]

and [today's OBV < today's ema(20,OBV)]
and [$symbol:$SPX < SMA(20,$symbol : $SPX)]
and [group is DOW65]

BIG THANKS for your help in advance.
btw I took a look here


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2020
    You have the right idea, but the scan engine does not "understand" ratio expressions like $SYMBOL:$SPX. So you have the right idea about putting the indicator inside the sma. So a crossover would be

    and [Force(21) x sma(21, Force(21))]

    (note the double parens - one set for sma(... ) and one set for Force(... ) )

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    You can try to use the PcTRelative indicator in the Technical Indicators drop down

    PctRelative(39,$SPX) > 5

    I've tried it with other indicators


    PctRelative(39,$SPX, ROC(5)) > 5

    I can't vouch for it being useful or correct, but it does pass syntax and it does return results. I haven't tried SMA

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