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Sector only scans?

Is it possible to perform a scan across sectors and/or industries exclusively without including stocks?

Thanks ahead.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2020
    For sectors, I think you would have to make a list of the eleven sector SPDRs and scan the list.

    For industries, you could write

    and [symbol contain 'DJUS']

    That will get you all the industries except $DWCREE - Renewable Energy Equipment, but it will also get some things that are not industries. In fact, I think there are $DJUS symbols for the sectors as well.

    You could also write

    [type is index], but you would have to qualify it some how to reduce the results, which are 999 without qualifications.
  • Mark, Thanks so much for your help. I'll take that for a drive and let you know what happens.
  • I don't know if this will help in anyway, but @markd shared a list a while back for anyone to copy into a new list for scanning, etc.
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