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Having some trouble with scan syntax

Good day everyone!

I'm having trouble with some scan syntax, wondering if someone could assist:

1) I'm trying to create a scan that measures divergence from the sma 20 day with a 10% minimum threshold, eg stock at 110, sma at 100.

I tried the following:

[type is stock] and [(price - sma(20))/sma(20) > 0.1)]

but the editor is not happy with the syntax.

2) I'm trying to create a scan that measures reversal in the dotted middle line that is plotted on a Bollinger (8,2) overlay, eg:

if I wanted to create a bullish scan based on the last three dots, let's say 1 being the latest dot and 3 the earliest of the three, the formula to detect a turn would be 1 > 2 and 2 < 3. Meaning a bottom "V" formation of the dots.

And a bearish scan would be 1 < 2, and 2>3, meaning an inverted V formation of the dots.

If anyone could suggest how to code that I would be very appreciative!


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    What happens when you select the SMA from the dropdown in the workbench?

    [type is stock] and [(price - sma(20))/sma(20) > 0.1)]

    In your code, you are asking for a SMA20 but the scan engine doesn't know what the SMA20 is for? The price? Price is also something that you need to select from the dropdowns. Price is either a High, Low, Open, Close. You get to decide.

    When you use the dropdown and ADD the SMA code to your workbench it defaults to:

    and [SMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    You can change the information here, for example, and [SMA(20,close)]

    For you crossover question, The middle of the Bollinger Band is a SMA line. You are asking for a crossover of the SMA 8 in your example.

    The below link should be an excellent resource for scan questions.


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