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Scan for Stocks that do not yet have 200 Day SMA - Recent IPOs

Hey guys,

Looking to add a scan criteria that will show stocks that have not yet traded for 200 days (stocks without a 200 day SMA). So really stocks that have had their IPO in the last 200 days. I can't seem to find anything online for this, if anyone could help!



  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited April 2020
    It doesn't appear that you can scan for an IPO. There is not an option to scan for something that is Null or blank, that a non-existant 200 day SMA would require.

    You can create a ChartList from another source and then run scans against that list. I just googled IPO in the last 200 days and there were several results. I can't vouch for any of them being accurate but, that is how I'd create a scan on IPO's
  • If you write a scan like this:

    [ [exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD]]

    rank by ROC(200)

    and download the results as a CSV file, symbols trading for less than 200 days will appear at the top of the list with no value in the last column (ROC(200).

    Copy the symbols only from the those rows and use the "Add Many" option to put them into a list.

  • I get 999 results for that scan.
  • Does it let you download it? How many rows with no results for the ROC 200 column?
  • yes, but only get 999 results. 36 blanks. If you sort the symbols A-Z sorted, only gives A-C on the export. No C+ symbols appear in the export.
  • If you put "rank by" in your scan, the download is sorted by the rank by criteria, except those that cannot be sorted because they have no value appear at the top in the .csv (not so on the results page, only the .csv).

    So the 36 blanks are stocks that have traded less than 200 days. Those are the stocks of interest (presumably they are IPOs if they have traded less than 200 days - although some could be mergers or new tickers). The rest don't matter.

    You could try to narrow the results by specifying sectors, but some it seems IPOs don't get sector assignments for a while, so that method might miss some.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    I did run your scan and export to CSV. The 36 aren't all IPO's either. They include preferred listings and stuff that isn't really an IPO per se.

    If you use the link like the one I shared, there are 64 stocks listed on that site that are within 200 days of the Offer Date currently. I don't believe you can create a scan for IPO's currently on the StockCharts workbench. if you could do Nulls, or Blanks that would be both much easier and an unbelievably fun addition to the scan language. Then you could scan for IPO. You'd still get the preferreds but still managable.

  • Are all 64 symbols on Stockcharts? Are they on the exchanges in the scan? Just wondering why this scan wouldn't pick them up. I get the false positives. I'm wondering about the ones that don't show up at all.
  • All 64 symbols can be added to a list and displayed in StockCharts with data. They appear to be some NYSE and some NASD. Below is the list I culled from that site and narrowed out the ones that were OVER 200 days old.


    You can't scan for nulls or blanks so the code you posted just looks for the stocks in the NYSE or NASD and returns a list the 1st to last, A to Z, gets to 999 results and then sorts those by the ROC 200. Like I said it only exported A to part of C. Then, sorting those A to C's you get the blanks in there as well as the others. The scan isn't looking for anything really, and then giving the list a sort. It's not like it's returning ALL of the stocks and then sorting.

    I don't believe that you can scan for IPO on stockcharts without a Date Offered or Date Listed field, OR without the capability to use Null or Blank as an option. If you had the Null or Blank option you could put something like and 201 days ago Close = Null or Blank

  • " It's not like it's returning ALL of the stocks and then sorting (by ROC)."

    Sounds like this is right. It does the alpha sort first. So you would have to have criteria that limits the result to less than 999 first. Maybe by one exchange and then by each sector. So 22 scans. But you would still have the problem of "false positives". So a reliable outside source, as you suggest, is probably most efficient if you can get a .csv or other compatible download file.
  • I just copy and paste into excel from sites. I'm not a paying member at Finviz, but you can filter for IPO date there as well. I do some filters over there on stuff, and then just copy and paste the results, page by page, into excel and snag the symbols that way. Then just copy and paste the symbols into a ChartList in SC using the Many feature.

    I rarely import a CSV file unless I have modified the data to get more information into the chart. Column A is the symbol. Column B is imported into the Name field. Column C is imported into the Notes field.
  • Agree. Finviz is an incredible resource for fundamental screening.
  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    I'm getting the same issue ranking by ROC, only getting 30+ results with a null value.

    Using iposcoop and manually putting them into a chartlist seems like a good alternative.

    Thanks again
  • @diltdr using an external site like that one or FinViz is your only option to complete your requirement. StockCharts scan engine can't tell you anything about when an IPO happened currently. Maybe it will some day, as they are modifying their information databases. Check out the Symbol Summary to get a clearer picture of possibilities of things to scan on in the future.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited May 2020
    Here's something I did know. From the ChartWatchers Newsletter. To get there go to "Data Adjustments" in the Members Tools. Or click on the Charts & Tools area on the page header and go to Data Adjustments.

    'Next up, the present. Dave Landry and I were chatting this week about an important yet often-overlooked feature of the StockCharts platform: our dedicated "IPO Listings" page. This is a great way to find some of the market's newest listings and latest symbol additions on StockCharts. With links to all of our charting tools right there in the table, you can see what's new and quickly click in to start charting these recent IPOs. Plus, as part of our "Recent Data Adjustments" resource, the menu above the table will also allow you to see splits, dividends, symbol changes and other corporate actions. Check it out!'
  • What a place to hide it. It ought to have its own heading under Member tools or elsewhere on the dashboard.

    Also the look back ought to be extended - at least 200 days.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    So now "we" know that "they" know the date. I wonder if they are keeping the date in the database. and will it become an available field to use in scans. I think I'll suggest it to Grayson and company.

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