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Scan question, Slow Stochastic

edited August 2014 in Scanning
Can anyone help me develop a simple scan as follows;
I want to see any stock where the slow stochastic (5,1 setting) breaks above 20 ( it has been below), and the same where it has been >80 and is breaking 80... any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  • Here is something to try. This scan returns both at the same time. If you use the intraday setting then change the 2 in "2 days ago" to 1. Also, Slow Stoch is set to remain below or above 20 or 80 for the three previous days (to address your "it has been below/above" comment above). You can adjust this to your liking. Using %K or %D should not matter since the second parameter is 1. Correct me if I am wrong with anything. I believe this is what Ms. Klien uses:

    [type = stock] and [country = US] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]

    and [[[Daily Slow Stoch %K(5,1) x 20.0] and [2 days ago Max(3,Daily Slow Stoch %K(5,1)) < 20.0]] or [[80.0 x Daily Slow Stoch %K(5,1)] and [2 days ago Min(3,Daily Slow Stoch %K(5,1)) > 80.0]]]
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