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Weekly Price Channel Scan

I am trying to scan for 20 Week Price Channel B/O. Below is what I used and it isn't capturing B/O .

and[ 1 week ago close < 1 week ago Upper Price Chan(20)]
and [weekly close > weekly Upper Price Chan(20)]

Any suggestions?


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    The "breakout" is going to be a crossover.

    Try replacing the > with an X on the second line.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited May 2020
    lmkwin's answer is basically correct - it's much easier to do the scan with the x (crossover ) operator.

    The Price Channel indicator is a little different than others, in that it is lagged by one bar. The explanation is here:

    The x operator seems to be coded to take that difference into account. So, you could just say:

    and [weekly close x weekly Upper Price Chan(20)]

    However, this statement will often be true AFTER a breakout as well, as a trending stock often closes the week above the prior week's high. So your scan will pick up stocks in mid-trend. To get just breakouts, you want to insure that the Upper Price Channel has been flat for some number of weeks. So your first line might be

    and [1 week ago weekly Upper Price Chan(20) = 10 weeks ago weekly Upper Price Chan(20)]

    or something similar. The number of weeks you choose should be the minimum you would consider necessary for a meaningful breakout ( but less than the length of the channel (20), since the channel will change its value when the channel length expires).
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