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price decrease alert for chartlist

edited June 2020 in Scanning
Hi community,

I want to setup a price alert for when the price of one of the stocks on my chartlist decreases 5%.

What would the syntax be for the price decrease?

Thanks a lot


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I find that a good way to build an alert is to test it in the Scan workbench first. It's the same syntax but you get to test it to see if it's going to be providing useful information.

    So in your case you are looking at a chartlist (you could look at several at the same time as well). And you want to know when the PctChange(1) is less than or equal to -5.

    In the drop downs for Technical Indicators is the PctChange
    It will default to this

    and [PctChange(10,close) > 10]

    It is looking for the 10 period close value to be greater than 10%

    If looking for a negative value, you'd want to change the > to be <. So less or equal to -5 would be <= -5

    And you are looking at 1 day, so I'd change the 10 to a 1.

    My list(s)
    and [PctChange(1,close) <= -5]

    Run it in the Scan Workbench to see if it's showing you what you think you want. You can even change the dates to backtest it. After you are happy with it you, copy it into the Alert Workbench.
  • wow, thanks so much for not only answering but educating. Thanks a million
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