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Alert where price crosses / touches EMA13

Hi community,

I would like to create an alert for my chartlists, for when the stock price = EMA13.

Any idea of how the syntax for when stock price = EMA13?

Thanks so much


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I find that a good way to build an alert is to test it in the Scan workbench first. It's the same syntax but you get to test it to see if it's going to be providing useful information.

    So in your case you are looking at a chartlist (you could look at several at the same time as well). And you want to know when the EMA 13, Close is equal to the current close.

    In the dropdowns for Chartlists. Select your chartlist(s)

    In the drop downs for Technical Indicators is the EMA

    Select it and add it to your scan. Change it to 13 and Close instead of Volume.

    In the Price dropdown, select the Close and add it.

    Combine the last two statements into one by removing the unnecessary characters so that it reads

    EMA 13, Close = Close

    My list(s)
    and [EMA13,close) = Close]

    Click on Check Syntax

    Run it in the Scan Workbench to see if it's showing you what you think you want. You can even change the dates to backtest it. After you are happy with it you, copy it into the Alert Workbench and save it there.

    I would imagine that you wouldn't get too many hits as an exact close on the EMA close is probably pretty rare.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    To get a "cross", you would put the item on the left side that you want to be crossing above the item on the right side.

    So in this "cross" case, you'd want the Close to be on the left of the equation and the EMA to be on the right side.

    Instead of a > or < or = sign though, you use an X. Close x EMA.

    If looking for a cross below, you'd reverse the equation parts. EMA x Close
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    Thanks so much for taking the time to help. really appreciated
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