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Prashant Shah

If you aren't following @Prashantshah267 on Twitter, I highly recommend it. He's doing a series of threads on various aspects of TA indicators and chart styles that are educational and easy to follow.

He has written two books recently on Point and Figure Charting and on Renko Charting. As a PnF person, I found his book to be a great book for beginner and advanced PnF users. I've been using PnF for about a decade now and he introduced me to some "new" logical things to be aware of, with backtested results included. I haven't read his Renko book, but do use the Renko charts for their clarity, AND you can use a Renko as a default style on You currently can't use a PnF chart as default there.

Recent threads included RSI, SuperTrend (an advanced Chandelier Exit), Ichimoku Cloud, ADX, Renko, with more to come.

His site has many good educational videos taught by Prashant for free for those wanting more information on various chart and indicators. just watched his Heikin ashi video.

Prashant Shah, A small story:

Pablo Picasso was one the greatest artists of 20th century. Once he was requested by a lady if he can do a little piece of art for her.
He did a beautiful drawing. She thanked him and started walking away..

He said.. that will be a million dollars.
She was amazed, she said it took you just 30 seconds to do that.
He said – My dear lady, it took me 30 years to do that in 30 seconds!

If you want to get better at anything including trading, engage in some purposeful practice


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