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Calculating a Percent Variance

I'd like to calculate the absolute difference between's today's 9EMA and 20EMA then divide that result by the original 9EMA. Once that value has been determine, I want to test that it is less than 1%.

The formula I'm after is: (AbsVal(9EMA-20EMA)/(9EMA))<.01

I tried nesting the difference in EMA's with brackets (with & without the AbsVal operator), then used the "/" division component to divided that value by the 9EMA (also with brackets). However, I received a syntax error as it does not recognize the "/" operator.

What am I missing or is there another way to approach this calculation?



  • Unfortunately, the absval function only returns the absolute value of an indicator, not a mathematical operation.

    so, you have to do it with or statements. The first or statement would account for the 9 above the 20, the second would account for the 20 above the nine. I'm not sure if want to account for the 9 equals the 20.
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