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Long Term Stock Performance

How would you write a scan searching for the best performing S&P 500 stocks over a 10 year period ranked by ROC?

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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    10 years is 520 weeks or 120 months so choose your universe. In this case the SP500 and then Rank by 120 month ROC.

    Remember that the SP500, like most indexes have different members over the years so you may get results that weren't in the SP500, the entire time, from this scan.

    The other way is to find the 10 years ago SP500 constituents from another source. Make that a list. The sub this list for your universe and Rank by the 120 month ROC.


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    Thank you!
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    When I say "Universe" I mean the group of stocks that you'd like to select from. It can be any or all indexes, exchanges, countries, ETFs, mutual funds, industries, sectors, yielders, no yielders, market cap volume or price restrictions, etc. that create your universe.

    You'll note that the default on the scan workbench is

    [type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 40000]

    If there is a common universe that YOU normally use for your needs, you can create just that universe and SAVE it (name it New Scan or .New Scan or something you remember) and then when you want to create a new scan you can pick your New Scan and add to it your new filters and then save as (if you wish) that new criteria into a different named scan. It's a time saver.

    The Universe is the largest group in the scan and always should be listed at the top of the scan. Then you can add filters and/ or ranking to arrange the universe output to your needs.

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