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How to change settings of a single chart in a Chartlist?

When looking at my Chartlist in 10-per-page view, there's the option in the right column to "Edit This Chart - Change Chart Settings." I can select a single chart, edit that chart, then click at the bottom to change ALL the charts to the new format: "Apply the current ChartStyle to all charts in the selected ChartList". ... BUT is there an easy way to change just a SINGLE chart in the Chartlist? I haven't found the answer in the Help areas and am going bonkers: must be missing the obvious. Thanks for any help!

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  • KevoKevo
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    Hi ericksonpj, your question snuck in below a few of the other ones. I did not see it right away.

    Answer: Just click the save button at the top just below the "in ChartList" drop down. You can also "Save As" which lets you save to a different ChartList, or save a copy.

    Going bonkers missing the obvious? :) Yes, I remember it takes a while to sort out the different combination of options there are regarding ChartLists, Saved Charts, ChartStyles, Default Style, and Style Buttons. Good Luck, and Have Fun!


  • Thanks, Kevo. No I can go back to learning, rather than stressing! Very helpful & appreciated.
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