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New Indicators via Plug-Ins

StockCharts added new indicators based on Dave Landry methods, Shaun Downey methods and an "Advanced Indicator Pack".

There are more coming.

UNFORTUNATELY, they are only available on the ACP. I haven't enjoyed the ACP as it's a lot less valuable to me than my standard charts on a 10 per page view, and my FAVORITE StockCharts view, CandleGlance.

But, it's another tool in the arsenal and something to learn to find benefits to.


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    If they were added to the main system, then they would probably be available in the Scan Workbench. Hopefully that's in the works.

    Now, I haven't done much "research" on the new indicators, but, I'm assuming that they are beneficial, and could be valuable to use in screening.
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