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Scanning for uptrend or downtrend of stocks

I'm new in the forum. Is there a way a scan can be written to find stocks within a year having an uptrend of 20% increase or higher (20% decrease) in its value?


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    A simple way to compare today's value to a year ago value would be

    and [close > 251 days ago close * 1.2]

    That says, today's close is greater than a year ago's close (there are about 251 trading days in a year) plus 20%.

    and [close < 251 days ago close * .8]

    That says, today's close is at least 20% less than the close a year ago.

    Neither scan tells you how price behaved in between a year ago and today. So there may or may not have been a steady up trend or down trend between now and then (in fact, it's unlikely given the corona drop). More likely, for most stocks, there have been several trends, with a net result of an increase or decrease between the two dates.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited July 2020
    You can also use the PctChange filter from the Technical Indicators dropdown. When you select it and Add it, it defaults to this:

    and [PctChange(10,close) > 10]

    This is saying that the percentage change in the last 10 days is 10.00001% or greater.

    To get a year greater than 20% you change the first 10 to 251 and the second 10 to 20

    and [PctChange(251,close) > 20]

    You can also "convert" to weekly or monthly with modifiers

    and [weekly PctChange(52,weekly close) > 20]
    and [monthly PctChange(12,monthly close) > 20]

    To get a Decrease, you'd just change the > to a <.

    I use the PctChange in Seasonality scans, among other scans.

    You can even use it in the Rank By statement, at the end of a scan to sort the scan.

    Rank by [PctChange(251,close)]

    Rank by is a great way to add data to the output that you can export, as well as providing a sort order you can save into a ChartList
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