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MA crossover on weekly and monthly chart

Hi everyone

This forum is great and I have received some helpful tips here on scanning. Thanks for the help.

The 3 EMAs that I am interested are : EMA (10,high), EMA(10,low), EMA (5,-2). I want to write a scan where EMA (5,-2) crosses up EMA(10,low). I like to scan this on both weekly and monthly chart. I am not very experienced writing scan code. If anyone can guide me through the steps, I appreciate you taking the time. Thanks again.


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    I tried, but I can't make it work.

    I thought it would be

    and [2 days ago ema(5, close) x ema(10, low)]

    but the results don't seem to fit, whether using a regular ema 5 or a displaced ema 5 on the chart.

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    Yes, the displaced ema (5,-2) doesnt seem to work. It generated no result. Not sure why. I will post if I find any solution. Thanks, markd
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    Sometimes, parameters for different functions aren't documented, so it's possible there is something like ema(5, close, -2), or ema(5, -2, close). You would have to play with it and see what happens.
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