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Plus DI and Minus DI crossover scan

Hi, I'm currently helping my grandad but I don't have the necessary coding skills just yet.

All he wants is a scan to alert him on the day when the Minus DI and Plus DI cross over. I tried [Plus DI(14) = Minus DI(14)] first (although [Plus DI(14) >= Minus DI(14)] works) and then a few of the True Range indicators from the stockcharts school but at this point it's all just a little confusing.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    The easy way to do it is using the crossover operator "x". The "x" means the term on left crosses above the term on the right.

    and [MinusDI(14) x PlusDI(14)]

    would be minus DI crosses above plus DI, meaning yesterday minus DI was below plus DI and today minus DI is
    above plus DI.

    For plus to cross above minus, you would switch the order of the terms

    and [PlusDI(14) x MinusDI(14)]

    The crossover operator is explained here ( a few paragraphs down)


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited August 2020
    You're a good grandkid helping your granddad like this.

    As a granddad myself, I found using the resources in the Help on StockCharts, in conjunction with the this forum, provided all the help I needed to get comfortable with the scan coding.

    Also, a great way to "learn" how StockCharts does it is to go to the Predefined Scan page. Click on ANY of the Predefined Scans and in the upper right corner is a link that says Click here to edit this scan.

    This will open that scan, in the workbench, so that you can see the actual code used for that scan. You can then modify that code and save it to your account for use as you see fit.
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