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how do i create new sharp charts with new attributes and new names and save them?

i have been using one chart for 8 months. how do i create new sharp charts with new attributes and names and save them? thanks!


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited August 2020 Basics

    See this video, beginning about minute 6:00

    Lots of other usefule videos on this page:

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    thank you Markd
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    Create a chartstyle that you like. At the bottom of the chart is a line that looks like this:

    In the ChartStyles row, select Add New.

    This calls up a box to name your style. and number it if you like.

    After you save it, it will show up in the dropdown at the beginning of the row.

    You can even create your own style charts to be used in CandleGlance, 10 per page, Market Summary page, Industry Summary page, and Also the GalleryView charts.

    If you want to change one of your styles, select it from the ChartStyles dropdown (or the number boxes) and make your changes to the style (add/change/remove indicators, change time frame, etc. and update. Then click on Replace and pick the saved ChartStyle you are updating.

    Edit Properties allows you to rename or number the existing ChartStyle on the screen.

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