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Is it possible to create and save multiple layouts (or views) for stock (technical) analysis.

Here’s what I’m trying to do within ACP:

Have a ChartList or List of stocks I can look at within say 2 different “Views” or “Layouts”. One Layout could be a shorter timeframe such as 5Min, 15Min and 1 Hr. The 2nd “layout” or “view” could be on a larger timeframe such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

I’d like to “scroll through” my List of stocks using either my shorter or longer term timeframe.


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    You can do what you are trying to do.

    There is now considerable detailed documentation on using ACP.

    The first link is an overview page with links to in-depth explanations.

    This link explains creating and saving chart styles (views or layouts)

    This link explains how to use chart lists to retrieve and view your stocks.

    It's much easier than it seems from the explanations. You can probably grasp most of it intuitively, but a read-through first would probably make it easier (so if you have a question, you'll know where to look). All the icons have labels ("tool tips") so if you are looking for something just roll over a likely icon - e.g. chart styles are under the paint brush icon, indicators are under the chart icon (bars an dotted line).
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited September 2020
    On the multi-pane / chart setup. I've created a multi-pane with 3 different chart styles. Daily, weekly, monthly for example. I have had hit and miss success with syncing them. But sometimes it does work. I've only had success using the symbol input box at the top to get the sync to work.

    I think it gets confused if you make a change to one of the charts in the view. I think the trick to getting the sync to work is to shut it off on all charts. Make your changes. Click back on the 1st chart. Turn Sync back on. Then input your symbol.

    If I use a sharp chart from the chartlist option, the chartstyle for the symbol from the chartlist is used and not synced. So it's not really beneficial just yet. I like the concept, but the concept needs more work. Or, manually create new chartlist inside of ACP. I tried that. It didn't work. It doesn't accept changes to the charts. It defaults them back to daily when selected.
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    Apparently, Sync refers only to changing the *symbol* for all charts simultaneously, not indicators or style or other changes. Make those changes first, then turn on Sync, then enter a symbol (basically what you said).

    from this link:

    Sync Mode

    If you have more than one chart in your layout that has the same ticker symbol, Sync Mode allows you to change the symbol for all those charts at once. With this functionality, you could add long-, medium-, and short-term charts for a single symbol to your layout, then quickly change all three charts to a new symbol by entering a new ticker in the Symbol box at the top of the screen.

    By default, Sync Mode is disabled and each chart's symbol is updated independently. Click the link icon at the top of the screen to turn on Sync Mode.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2020
    One thing that is not like SharpCharts is applying styles to a whole list. In SharpCharts there is an "Apply to All" button at the bottom of the Chart Workbench that will apply the style of the current chart to all charts in the list.

    In ACP, you can apply a style to the symbol from your list that is currently displayed, and you can save the chart with that style, but you cannot apply the style permanently to every chart in the list with one step - you have to save each one individually.

    Edit: the following paragraphs are not correct:

    But there is an alternative - if you want to see every chart on the list in a style different from the saved style, then make the different style the default style and then bring up the charts you want to see.

    A different way of working, but fundamentally the same result.

    Correction -

    If you have a default style in ACP and import a pre-defined group (not your own list - a group or industry from the ACP dropdown list), the default style will be applied to the imported symbols.

    BUT, if you import an existing SharpCharts list into ACP, even if you save the list as an ACP list, ACP will attempt to recreate the SharpCharts style (not very well in some cases) - it will NOT use the ACP defaullt style. If you want to apply and keep the ACP default style on the ACP list, you have to do it one chart at a time.

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    The time period is the issue in the original topic. So it doesn't seem to be happy doing that just yet, from a list selection.

    I created a new list in ACP using the ACP create a list from a group. I picked the SP400 (they don't have SP600 as an option as yet). Then clicked on the symbol from that ACP list. It changed one chart.

    Turned sync off. Clicked on another symbol in the list. It updated one chart. I turned sync on. Clicked on another symbol and it updated one chart. I changed the time frame to weekly for that chart. Clicked on another symbol and it updated the chart and back to daily.
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    As I understand it, Sync only works from the symbol window, and then only if all charts in a multi-frame screen have the same symbol.
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    Yes, it appears that it works that way.

    The original question was about scrolling through a list and viewing multiple charts for the symbol with the charts having different time frames, so it doesn't appear to work that way.

    The only way to do that, right now, is on the legacy system using Gallery View, which isn't optimal. Perhaps ACP will get there eventually.

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    I see what you are saying.

    I interpreted "multiple" to mean more than one style or view, but I didn't interpret it to mean "simultaneously".

    So you can save more than one style and apply either one, one at a time. But as you point out, with multiple panes, it would be nice if you could apply both styles at the same time, one in each pane and scroll through a list. And you are right - right now it seems that's not possible. And apparently it's not even possible to "apply all" in ACP. I asked Support about it. Waiting for an answer.

    Also, it doesn't seem to be possible to turn off Y-axis labels. Does anyone know how to do that?
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    I don't see a Y axis control as yet, but along those lines, if you turn your Legend to anything other than Default, you have to open the chart settings to change/remove an indicator. This is if you can tell which indicator that you are looking at changing.

    If you are using default legend, you can click on the indicator label box and it will open the chart settings for that indicator.

    I do like the crosshair info showing in the quote panel. Maybe they can incorporate that somehow into the legacy system Inspect feature.
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