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RRG Charts

I am just starting to look at RRG charts and I see they have the dropdown for the members of each sector. Each sector only lists a limited number of members. However, each sector actually has many more stocks in it. How does RRG determine what stocks are considered "members" and what about all the remaining stocks in each sector.


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    RRG charts are limited to 50 symbols I believe. The "members" of the sectors are the holdings of the SP500 sector ETF. XLV, XLK, XLI, etc.

    Here's a good tip. The creator of Relative Rotation Graphs™ is Julius de Kempenaer. He has a StockCharts blog that is very educational and extremely intriguing. He's always pushing on new ideas and thoughts on how to interpret and respond to various interesting market activity. Link below. His contact email address is listed on each blog encouraging feedback.

    He is responsive to questions and often responds, either directly or on his show/blog.

    He also is a member on this site using the handle @Julius_RRG and often responds to questions.

    Not too many authors and TA experts allow direct access.

    I find RRG interesting because it is accessible for different areas. For example Sector Summary. Over on the far right is a column link to the RRG. Click on that for the sector and it will take you to the RRG for the DJ industries in that sector.

    See an Industry that you like? Click back to the Sector Summary and double click on the Sector name. It will open the Industry list for that sector. Over on the right there may be a link to the RRG for the industry. It's not available on all the industries just yet but, it's there for many. I don't know if it's a work in process or not to complete the links.

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    Hi JJJJ the members of the sectors in the drop-down selection on the RRG page are indeed limited to 50 symbols because the number of securities on the graph is limited to 50. The chart would become pretty much unreadable if you add much more symbols. The members for the sectors are the top 50 in a sector based on market cap.
    Hope this helps
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