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ACP Plug Ins

I have just started looking at the plug ins associated with the ACP platform. They range from free plug ins to to a Larry Williams package for $595. I am trying to determine if the $595 is really a good value investment. I have 2 questions related to these plug ins:

1) Are these truley novel and effective or are they just another form of looking at existing parameters ?
2) Where can I find a detailed interpretation of these indicators, as usually found in Chart School ?



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    IN the ACP plugins, if you go to the Larry Williams Plug in Learn More

    Scroll down to the Click Here for more info.....

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    others may not have a link for more info (like Larry Williams does) but do have a video to explain what they are and how to use them.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2020
    Looking at the chart illustrations for the package on Stockcharts, it looks to me like these indicators have the same shortcomings as other indicators for market timing. Any indicator works well with some markets and some stocks and not so well with others. Most indicators work great in a "normal" trend, and fall apart in a range market or a spiky market. This is because most indicators have a fixed look back period, and are optimized for "normal" price behavior over that period. But stocks don't behave that way all the time, so you will get zapped now and then if you rely on indicators for timing. Once you are in a position, there really doesn't seem to be any alternative to interpreting price and volume bar by bar, having identified likely support and resistance levels and trend lines. Unfortunately, that is a steep learning curve. All that said, indicators (and overlays) are a terrific way to find stocks in specific situations (i.e. scanning for overbought, oversold, trending), but not so good for timing.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited September 2020
    The bad part about ACP plug ins is that you have to use them on ACP.

    Larry Williams's analysis was featured on Cramer the other night. A couple of his forecasting tools that Cramer talked about where the 70 weeks ago Oil chart and the 110 weeks ago yield curve, or vice versa. I could have the time periods backwards. The overlay of those charts to the current markets was presented. Mid October should be the next buying opportunity according the the charts. And looking at the current charts, I can't say I disagree.

  • Options bad, not yield curve, I think it was the 10 year treasury chart
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    I will sell you my Moving Average Crossover plug-in for $395 ...
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    Many of the "new" ACP indicators have been added to the ChartSchool. You can click through to learn more.
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    I mentioned that Larry Williams analysis indicators were discussed on Cramer a while back. I was playing around with the Larry Williams Oil "forecast" with shifting the information from 70 weeks ago to the current period on the "market". Top panel is the shifted 1 period EMA from 70 weeks prior. Lower panel is the SPX current chart. Interesting.

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