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How to scan stock in high performance industry? (e.g. SCTR.industry > 70)

I only know how to scan high SCTR, but not stock in industry with SCTR.industry > 70


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2020
    As far as I know, the Dow Jones industry indexes (which Stockcharts uses for its industry lists, more or less) do not have a SCTR.

    However, if you put all the indexes (e.g. $DJUSSC, which is semiconductors) into a list, you can scan the list with a "rank by" statement of your choice - e.g. best per cent gain in three months (63 days):

    rank by PctChange(63)

    This result would not exactly match a SCTR ranking, if there was one, because SCTRs weight performance over three time frames - long, medium and short. But, the differences in ranking may not be all that significant, and you are a little more likely to catch a turn around industry sooner (because it's poor longer term weighting in SCTR would put it lower in the list).

    There have been some changes in the DJ US indexes recently - I think Coal and Tires are gone. There may be other changes I don't know about, as this list is from a few months ago (click on "sc.xlsx" file below). It will open if you have Excel. If you don't have Excel, we'll find another way.

    P.S. here's another way to get the DJ US symbols into a list - but you would probably want to edit the results b/c not all the symbols correspond to Stockcharts industries.

    P.S. the above answer is incorrect - you CAN now scan for sctr rankings for industry symbols.

    [sctr.industry > 90]

    will return a list of $DJUSxx symbols meeting that criteria. Sorry for the misinformation.

    SC.xlsx 15.7K
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited October 2020
    I think you'd have to run this in two scans. The .Industry only looks at the industry groups

    [SCTR.industry >70]

    Then you would need to include those industries in the second scan using the Sectors and Industries dropdown and group them together with brackets and an OR

    [group is Internet]
    OR [group is Publishing]
    OR [group is FixedLineTelecommunications]
  • Thank you very much for your reply, @lmkwin , @markd

    I am actually using @lmkwin 's method, but it takes me quiet a long time everyday for the scanning.

    Hope stockchart can have method for a single scan...
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