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trying to find ping's kst in glossary but can't . any one want to help?


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    Here, under "P" for Pring's Know Sure Thing (instead of the abbreviation kst) about 3/4s down the page

    and the Chart School article is here:
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    Martin Pring is one of my favorite contributors on

    I like KST in concept. One thing of note about KST is that you can modify the settings on the chart, but you can't modify the settings in the Scan Workbench.

    Same thing with Special K, another Pring indicator.
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    Imkwin would you mind if you have time tell me some of the different modifications you use with kst and what results you are looking for in them? I'm new to using kst and it would help.
    thank you
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    The defaults on KST are: 10,15,20,30,10,10,10,15,9

    The 1st 4 numbers are the ROC numbers used in the calculation.


    The next 4 numbers are the MA applied to the corresponding ROC numbers.


    The last number is the SMA applied to the results.


    The 1st 4 numbers are also weighted with the 1st number having the least weight, the 4th number having the most weight, in the calculation.

    This gives most of the weight to the last 2 of the 1st 4. Depending on your preferences, you may want to have more weight go to the shorter term and less to the longer term. Below is an example showing the 1st 4 numbers reversed in order, so 30,20,15,10 and shortened the MA to 5 in the top panel. The example is from a monthly chart.

    So you can play around with the numbers. In the ChartSchool article they list out some changes to different time frames.

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    as always thank u geart help
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    you may want to change the numbers to common MA's like 10,20,50,100 or change up the ROC's to your favorite periods, etc.

    PMO and Coppock Curve are other ROC based indicators, that you can adjust parameters on the Scan Workbench. KST you can't.
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    thank you Imkwin
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