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I hope these questions aren't to simple but you guys answers help so much. What is the best indicator to use to show volume per day positive or negative? anyone.
And thank you


  • If I'm understanding the question, you want different colors on volume bars for days closing up vs days closing down.

    If that's what you want, then on the Chart Workbench, look in the "Chart Attributes" section and go to the line that begins "Volume", then look for "Color Volume" and put a check mark in the box beside it.
  • I have that Mark what I wanted to know is if there was any other indicator that would show volume positive or negative.
  • Volume by Price is a favorite of mine. You may also like OBV which follows along with the up/down
  • In addition to lmkwin's suggestions, a number of volume based indicators are explained in Chart School.

    Accumulation/Distribution Line
    Chaikin Money Flow
    Chaikin Oscillator
    Force Index
    Money Flow Index
    Negative Volume Index
    Percentage Volume Oscillator

    My personal favorite is Force index. You can vary the parameters to see what works best. The idea is that when price progress and Force progress diverge - in either combination - Force up/down more than price, price up/down more than Force - then a reversal is due. You can also apply a moving average (this not in Chart School) to Force; when Force moves above the falling MA, expect higher prices due; when moving below the rising MA, expect lower prices due. But you have to play with the Force parameter and the MA parameter to see what works. For long term, I use Force 250 with a 250 MA and a 63 MA. Sometimes it "works", sometime it doesn't.
  • thx you Markd
  • The nice thing about Volume by Price is that it will show where the largest price/volume levels occurred horizontally. And it splits it up into up and down. It can be helpful in determining where "support" and "resistance" may lie.
    The parameter box allows you to decide how many deciles to show on the chart. I find that the fewer the better, my default is 10 on at 18 month time frame.

    My favorite "Rank by" is the PctRelative function.
  • thank u Imkwin
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