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scan result not showing cyypto


I have written the below scan - however it is not picking up some securities - for example the security "$BTCUD" is in my "Favorites list is 17", it should be flagged by the below scan, but doesnt

thank you

[Group is ETFNOUI] // include ETF's BUT EXCLUDE Ultras and inverse ETF's


[favorites list is 17] // $ - Investment Universe in "Following the Trend" Nov20
or [favorites list is 42] // 0.101 AA - Complete Asset Class Analysis - All Asset Classes
OR [favorites list is 41] // 0.105 - Week Disc - KEY NB NB - Securities to monitor weekly
or [favorites list is 38] // 0.201 Cristina / Dylan / Brorley stocks
or [favorites list is 39] // 0.203 - Weekly -Cristina /DCR - Stocks to MONITOR weekly with a view to BUY
or [favorites list is 5] // 003.8 PHOENIX PHOENIX P/F - July16
or [favorites list is 24] // A - S&P Sectors Nov20
or [favorites list is 2] // Greenlight Capital+Pershing Square + TCI
or [favorites list is 14] // Puru Saxena Tech Stocks Oct20
or [favorites list is 25] // TCI Long Portfolio - 31 Dec 2019
or [favorites list is 46] // AH-ETF 0100 ETF Master Daily rename

AND [[today's full stoch %k(14,3) < 80]

AND [Yesterday's full stoch %k(14,3) > 80]
Or [2 days ago full stoch %k(14,3) > 80]
or [3 days ago full stoch %k(14,3) > 80]]

[[today's Daily Close > Daily Upper Kelt Chan(21,3.0,21) ]
OR [yesterday's Daily Close > Daily Upper Kelt Chan(21,3.0,21) ]
OR [2 days ago Daily Close > Daily Upper Kelt Chan(21,3.0,21) ]
OR [3 days ago Daily Close > Daily Upper Kelt Chan(21,3.0,21) ]
OR [4 days ago Daily Close > Daily Upper Kelt Chan(21,3.0,21) ] ]

[[today's full stoch %k(14,3) < 80]
AND[today's full stoch %k(14,3) > 75]]

// end universe section


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    Double check whether it really should be included - your conditions are complex, so maybe it really doesn't match.

    Also double check whether its still in the list - could have been edited out without you realizing it.

    Also, isn't it $BTCUSD, not $BTCUD? Shouldn't matter to your scan, I don't think, but just for accuracy.

    Also, I think you need one more set of brackets around your lists - an opening bracket [ at the top, above group is etfnoui and a closing bracket ] under favorites list is 46.
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    Thank you mark - Appreciate your feedback and comments on how i can improve. Also I value your prompt response - (even on a Sunday - wonderful customer engagement (and part of the reason why i have been a member of stock charts for years) -Damien
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    full stoch has 3 parameters. 14,3,3 is the default.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited November 2020
    It doesn't throw a Syntax error though.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited November 2020
    Full Stoch in your scan needs to match the parameters on your chart. If your chart has 3, use 3 in your scan, even if only two parameters passes syntax. It's not always an error to leave out a parameter.

    The scan is probably giving you Slow, not Full, if it doesn't know what the final parameter is, or, it's using a default value other than three (maybe 0, maybe 1), which doesn't match the 3 on your chart.

    P.S. @lmkwin - good catch!

    p.s. 2. - @dryan33 - just to clarify - I don't work for Stockcharts - just a (long time) subscriber; this is a user to user forum. I check in whenever I'm working on my own stuff (which is most days).
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    thank you Mark .... and wow - you should be paid by stockcharts for your counsel!
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    ps - scan now works - thank you all
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