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New question, is there any way to enlarge the charts in candle glance? mine right now are about
3"x3" I have a few indicators on them that just don't show up...


  • If you are talking about the custom CandleGlance, it is a defined size of 360. You can size the indicator panels using the Height parameter. The indicator panels take up chart space, so too many can create a jumble for sure.
  • ok thx you
  • Are you saying some indicators are not showing up on a custom CandleGlance?

    Does the indicator appear on a non-CandleGlance chart of the same time frame? Sometimes the timeframe may preclude an indicator, like showing a 50 DMA on an IPO that hasn't been around for longer. The 50 DMA will appear on the 52nd day of trading. Stuff like that happens. I've not seen an indicator not properly presented on a chart. Well.... if you ask for a bunch of Price indicators for different symbols, I think there is a limit based on the membership level. A this chart is "truncated" message will appear at the bottom of the chart.
  • No I'm not saying they don't show up, I'm saying the size is to small to see them. I was just wondering if I could make the size of candle glance larger. thxs
  • I am not sure if this is what you are asking. David Keller showed how to make the whole array images bigger (or smaller) with the mouse and the control key (command on apple?) Two abreast gives excellent visibility for a whole list of indicators or the PnF charts. I reset the screen size when I am finished.
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