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Relative strength scan

Is there a way to scan for stocks whose price relative to the S&P crossed above its 50 day moving average?


  • Unfortunately, no, although that would be a great scan to have.

    As far as I know, you cannot scan for anything that you would display on the chart with a ratio symbol, e.g. $SYMBOL:$SPX in Price or Price Performance.
  • Well, you "can" sort of. You have to pick a period for the relative outperformance, so it knows what to make a 50 day moving average of. Below passes syntax and returns results.

    and [PctRelative(20,$spx) x EMA(50,PctRelative(20,$spx))]

    I don't know how to check it though.

  • Thanks. That doesn't get me what I'm looking for, but it got me thinking. Its a simple calculation to get the 50 day moving avg of relative price. Its too bad their scanning software can't accommodate it. I think the crossover is a great indicator of new outperformance.
  • Change the period to 1 and see if that suites.
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