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Scan for No SCTR rating

Many of my scans include an argument to look for stocks that have a high SCTR rating. Is there an argument I can include in these scans that also pulls up stocks that meet all my other criteria but don't have a SCTR rating? I just want to make sure if they meet all my other criteria, I can give them a quick look as well even if they don't have the SCTR. Thank you.


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited November 2020
    I don't believe that anyone has posted a way to find blanks or nulls for any fields as yet. I've tried and failed.

    One option for you may be to eliminate the SCTR requirement in your scan and use a

    Rank By [SCTR]

    as the last line of your scan.

    This will give you ALL the symbols that meet your requirements and it will return the results for all symbols listing the SCTR. You can easily see the low SCTR and the NO SCTR symbols. I'd export to CSV, eliminate the ones you consider to be low SCTR. Keep the High SCTR and the blanks and then add them to a ChartList for review.

    Or you can save them to a ChartList and delete the ones you don't want directly from the list views.

    Just a thought.
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    Thanks for that. I'll give it a shot.
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    Sometimes a good looking opportunity can be veiled by a SCTR ranking.
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    "Sometimes a good looking opportunity can be veiled by a SCTR ranking. "

    Yes, and a good SCTR ranking can mask a deteriorating situation as well. Also, well to keep in mind, like RS, all the stocks in a SCTR group can be falling, but the ones falling less get a better ranking.

    It can help to scan for an IMPROVING ranking, e.g. x days (or weeks, etc.) ago less than 50, currently greater than 70, or whatever parameters you choose. The ideal parameters are likely to change with the market.

    The good sector/good industry/good stock strategy can work if the market is trending well. But you can supplement that with picking up recovering stocks in recovering industries in recovering sectors. They should be well sold out and now refusing to go down, even on strong volume, and show signs of at least occasional good buying. A frequent pattern, usually over several weeks, is breaking a trend line down (drawn from the declining peaks) by ranging along just above the bottom, more or less flat. When it breaks above that range and tests back, its often ready to go. Of course there are false starts and other troubles, but you can often get "confirmation" by looking at peers, which should be displaying similar characteristics, though possibly at different stages.
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