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Trying to screen for ACC-Dist line going ABOVE the upper BB(63,2.5) that I've wrapped around the ACC-Dist LIne. It seems to be calculating BB for the price chart rather than the ACC-Dist Line itself. Suggestions to write this line of code? Thanks in advance.


  • It's often easier to assist with trouble shooting if you post the problem code.

    What does your code look like?

  • Upper BB(20,2 ) probably defaults to the close, so it is probably really Upper BB(20,2,close).

    The syntax editor doesn't object if you substitute "high" or "low" for close, and it also doesn't object if substitute "AccDist", so this should be valid

    and [Upper BB(20,2,AccDist) < close]

    You would modify the parameters and the logic to suit your wishes.
  • THANK YOU MARKD . This will meet my need. Thanks for your time and efforts.
  • If looking for the cross of an overlay of an indicator. In this case the BB applied to the Acc/Dist indicator

    and [AccDist x Upper BB(63,2.5,AccDist)]
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