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Is there anyway to stay on scanning with out having to refresh between scans? Rithg now if I use one of my scans and then store the scans I have to go back to charts and refresh to scan again.


  • That might depend on how your browser works.

    I have Firefox. When I run a scan, the results are displayed in a new window (tab) labelled for the name of the scan, that overlays the scan screen. But I can get directly back to the scan screen to run the next scan by clicking on the tab labelled Technical Scan Workbench in the upper left corner.

    It seems to do this by default, although there are probably settings that control it. Other browsers like Edge or Chrome might do it differently. But it's not a Stockcharts thing, it's a browser thing.
  • thx u Ill try that.
  • I usually dedicate a couple tabs on Chrome to SC. When I run a scan it returns the results in a new tab. When I click on a result symbol it opens the chart in another new tab.
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