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So I would like to write a scan for volume that shows a slow increase daily for the last ten days.The one in predefined charts is ( and [today's volume > yesterday's sma(20,volume)*4] and [today's close > yesterday's close] This shows huge volume for only today. I would like to have it show an increase each day for 5-10 days, How would I do that?


  • long hand way

    today's volume > 1 day ago volume
    and 1 day ago volume > 2 days ago volume
    and 2 days ago volume > 3 days ago volume
    and 3 days ago volume > 4 days ago volume

    You may also want to play with the StreakUp and CountUp instead

    Streak is consecutive

    and [Streak Up(volume) > 5]

    Count is X out of Y. Y is the total number in the period and X is how many

    and [Count Up(10, volume) > 5]

    There is also a Streak Down and Count Down option in the Technical Indicators dropdown window.
  • you are great thx you so much.
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