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Need help with writing alerts

Please see attached.

I’m not getting any alerts on my cellphone. Is there anything that I’m doing wrong?


  • Does CRSR meet the requirement to trigger the alert? It doesn't appear to.

  • Thanks for the comment.

    I have the same alerts for other trades that met yesterday’s requirements, but I didn’t get any notifications on my cellphone. Is there a setting or settings that I need to change?

  • Looking at the forum Search, maybe check you Phone in you SC account settings to see if it matches. There is a "link" button on the Alert setup to "Update SMS Number". I don't know if this is the issue? I don't do SMS alerts. I get email on my phone so have my alerts set to email.

    Wish I could be more help, but maybe shoot a message to Support if you are certain that your
    Alerts were set up correctly and were triggered but didn't notify.
  • Thanks. I’ll see if email works better.

  • A tip: When setting up an alert, take the code and put it in the Advanced Scan Workbench and run it to see if it is providing you the result that you think it should. Unfortunately there is no testing, other than syntax, on the Alert workbench. You can't even check to see which ones triggered as far as I can tell. They do have this "check" in the Pre-Defined Alerts, but not in the User defined.

    I do the Scan workbench check on all my alerts.
  • Thanks! I’ll try that.

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